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Cloud Native

Build solutions that are designed for the Cloud

Leverage the Power of Cloud Computing

Transform & Grow


Adopt DevOps Culture & Practice

for Velocity, Stability & Quality

with Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)


Design with MicroService Architecture

Develop, Test and Deploy in Containers

with Automation and Orchestration

Some thoughts from the Native Cloud Biometrics Services (NCBS) Task Force

While the course materials are prepared in-house, the videos are curated from Youtube videos and open source MOOCs.

There is a vast body of knowledge and new method/tools to help us do things better, faster and cheaper.

The technology stack is evolving rapidly. It is not possible for us to learn everything.

It is hoped that this website will focus on knowledge, skills, tools, concepts and best practices, that are current and most fundamental to our work in NEC Asia Pacific PSBU.

The objective is for us to collaborate better in our work and enrich our journey in the cloud transformation:

  • Use common terms, concepts, lingo and practice
  • Adopt a common taxonomy
  • Develop our Cloud Native and DevOps culture and practice
  • Learn from the leaders in the industry
  • Clear up misconceptions about the cloud
  • Foster understanding of what we want to adopt
  • Ease new colleagues’s difficulty in navigating the Cloud landscape

We are not an academic institution. We do not aim to produce the greatest or most comprehensive courses.

However, we hope this self-built LMS (Learning Management System) can help our colleagues enter the cloud native landscape and keep us all aligned in our understanding and knowledge.

The possibilities offered to us are limitless. It is an exciting time to learn new stuff and put them into practice in our work.

We shall contribute in new ways to our company, and to our society.

But first we must keep an open-mind, and not hold-on to old antiquated methodologies no matter how proven they are.

We must not be risk averse. But we must manage and mitigate the risks. To do this, we need to equip ourselves with new knowledge and learn from the best in the industry.

Let us all learn, adapt and transform together, to meet the challenges of the post COVID-19 rapidly changing business conditions.

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